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Christmas And Winter Holiday Charms And Beads – Santa’s Sleigh

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Few things are as symbolic of Christmas in American culture as Santa traveling across the dark winter sky in his sleigh pulled by reindeers. He supposedly travels from the North Pole and delivers packages all over the world, although his home base varies depending on where you live: in Denmark, everybody knows he lives on Greenland, in Finland, he calls the mountain Korvatunturi home, and a few years ago, a Swedish company determined that Kyrgyzstan would be the ideal location for him, based on the rotation of the earth and where the majority of people are located.

Although in Sweden, he doesn’t arrive by sleigh at all; he walks, knocks on the door and comes in and hands out gifts in person. And in Holland, Sinterklaas arrives by boat from Spain. Regardless of what you believe, the image of Santa and his sleigh is a compelling one, and for today’s post, I have selected some of my favorite sleigh charms:

Collage by Charms Guide

1. Sterling silver charm bead by Chamilia

2. Sterling silver and garnet charm bead by Pandora

3. Sterling silver and red enamel charm by Links of London USA

4. 14k gold and enamel charm by HJ

5. Sterling silver and 9k gold charm from Clogau Gold

6. Sterling silver (also comes in 9, 14 and 18k gold) charm by Amanda Jo

7. Oxidized sterling silver charm by LGU

8. Enamel and gold plate charm necklace with a tiny diamante by Sparkle Thots

9. Sterling silver charm from JewelryWeb

10. Antique copper charm bracelet with pink glass beads by Ambient Zebra

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All content © Charms Guide

Holiday Gift Guide Series – Cupcake Charms

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Chocolate Cupcake Charm Necklace from A Fine Distraction

I don’t think the cupcake craze of the last decade has escaped anybody’s attention. Magnolia Bakery in New York City is usually credited with starting it in the mid 90s, and their creations really rose to fame after being featured in Sex and the City. They are still as popular as ever, and have even gone worldwide: last year, they openend a bakery/store in the Dubai Mall. Tourists from all over the world still flock to the original NYC store as well – I went a few years ago with a friend who was visiting from overseas and had to see it (and eat a cupcake). It’s tiny! But the cupcakes are good.

These days, cupcakes are everywhere: now, there are many bakeries and stores solely devoted to making cupcakes, cupcake caterers, cupcake blogs, cupcake food trucks, cupcake books, wedding cakes, apparel, holiday ornaments, home decor, there is “Cupcake Wars” (an entire show about cupcakes) on Food Network; and what might just take the prize as the trippiest take on the sweet treats ever: cupcake cars from Nieman Marcus. These $25,000 customized motor-driven vehicles – which come with matching hats for the drivers – are surprisingly intended for adults!

There is of course also cupcake jewelry in many forms. Naturally, we are focusing on charms here, and I have put together a collection of some recent favorite finds:

From left to right, starting on row 1:
1. Amore LaVita sterling silver and enamel charm (note the little candle!)
2. Chamilia charm bead
3. CHARM IT! base metal and enamel charm
4. Diva Diamonds Sterling silver and Enamel Charm
5. Juicy Couture14k gold, enamel and rhinestone moveable charm
6. Links of London sterling silver charm
7. Pandora sterling silver and 14k gold charm bead
8. Sweet and Savory Trinkets polymer clay charm
9. Pnut white gold and diamonds charm
10. Rembrandt 14k Yellow Gold and enamel
11. Charming by Ti Sento Rhodium plated sterling silver, cubic zirconia and enamel charm
12. Tiffany 18k white and yellow gold charm with precious stones
13. Tiffany sterling silver and enamel charm
14. Sweet Bling “One Haute Cupcake” charm in 14k white and rose gold
15. Piercing Pagoda Sterling Silver and Enamel Charm
16. Zable sterling silver charm bead

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New Chamilia Bracelets And Beads

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

It’s not just the Pandora charm people who stay busy during the summer. Chamilia has made several new exciting announcements recently.

In a recent collaboration with Swarovski, they created 205 new silver charm beads, all set with Swarovski crystals. They will be available in Swarovski stores starting in August, and prices will range from $30 to around $100.

There is also another new group of beads and bracelets, the “Siena Collection”. It consists of 24 silver beads and charms with Murano glass and Swarovski crystals in autumn-like reds, greens and browns and a whole new style of snake chain bracelets called Terrazzo. The bracelets are made with tiny beads and come in silver ($160) and mixed gold (which consists of silver, yellow and rose gold beads and retails for around $1,200). There are also Terrazzo necklaces (same type of design) which sell for $250 and $2,500, respectively.

Miss Chamilia
The new Miss Chamilia collection consists of twelve silver beads with purple, turquoise, white and pink crystals, and three gorgeous Murano glass beads in blues and pinks.

At JCK Las Vegas (at the beginning of June), Chamilia announced a whole brand new line ofjewelry called the “Sojourn Collection”, to be released in the fourth quarter of 2011. Sojourn will consist of bracelets, rings and “accents” – interchangeable gemstone pieces (citrine, peridot, amethyst, etc.) that are clasped onto the rings and bracelets.

The design has definitely been taken in a new direction with this collection: sterling silver mesh bracelets, mesh hammered and fluted sterling silver rings, and pinstripe leather bracelets. Each piece will be sold individually, and prices are set at $50 to $95 for the accents, $75 for the leather bracelets, $100 for the rings and $200 for the silver bracelets.

Photo: Higashi Pearls & Fine Jewelry

All this hard work has not gone unnoticed: In June, Camilla’s founders, Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski received a very special recognition: the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (for the Upper Midwest region).

Fall always bring new, fun designs to the market, and I have to say that Chamilia’s new lineup does not disappoint. I love what I’ve seen so far.

All photos: Chamilia (unless otherwise noted)

A Chamilia Bracelet For Spring

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Spring is finally here (although when I’m writing this it’s only a few degrees above freezing and raining hard here in the Northeast – but at least the trees are getting greener and the flowers are in bloom), and I’m sure everyone is as excited as I am about being able to put away those heavy winter coats and layers and layers of clothing. I love wearing my bracelets year round, but in the winter, they’re mostly hidden under long, warm sleeves. The warmer months is the perfect time to show off your favorite charms and new bracelet creations and acquisitions (those cute little three-quarter sleeve tops are ideal for this purpose!).

In light of that, I thought I’d start a little mini-series of posts where we take a look at the various companies’ new collections for spring, and first out are the new Chamilia bracelet beads.

The Chamilia bracelet charms spring collection is girly, light, flowery and most definitely inspired by the season. There are 26 new beads: four 24k gold glass beads, all in warm, golden tones, 8 different flower bead designs, three “entwined jewel” beads with clear and colored Swarovski crystals, 7 “miscellaneous” designs (morning dew, sun showers, serve and protect, etc.), and finally, my favorites, 4 little purses (with lids that open) – 2 silver and enamel in red and pink, and 2 in silver with sparkly cubic zirconia.

Here are my top picks from each of these “categories”:

And here is a bracelet I created with beads from the new collection (at a total of $1,640):

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

All photos: Chamilia

Chamilia bracelet prices vary quite a bit (from $35 for the plain leather to $1,500 for the longer 14k gold bracelets), and of course the final price also depends on the beads you put on them. The charms in the new collection range from $30 (for the basic silver charms) to $420 (for the 14k gold charms).

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New Chamilia Charms And Bracelets

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Chamilia’s lineup of holiday-related charms is fabulous. Ranging from cute to chic, I bet that several of them will become collectors’ items. And now is the time to shop – they have announced a planned price increase in January of 2011.

Among the holiday beads, the pinecone (silver and enamel), snowflake (silver), Christmas dream (gorgeous red and gold glass) and fleur de lis ornament (sterling silver and 14k gold) are my absolute favorites. You could even create an entire Chamilia charm bracelet out of these if you wanted – I did and I love it (it’s the one to the right here).

Other new favorite charms of mine are the “Swirling dreams” (silver), the super-girly and blingy pink Swarovski jeweled kaleidoscope, the “copper gold” glass bead, and the watch faces (especially the jeweled clear cubic zirconia).

There is also the new Miss Chamilia collection. As you can guess from the name, these are bracelets and necklaces geared toward the younger crowd. Just like with Lovelinks Petit and Biagi Kidz, the beads are smaller and lighter to fit better on young girls’ wrists. The bracelets and necklaces are in sterling silver with lobster clasps, and the beads (over 60 in the collection) are silver and enamel. The designs are adorable – cute animals, hearts, flowers, and other “girly” favorites.

Chamilia retires charms twice a year (spring and fall), so definitely surf around and look for those beads as well. The price is often reduced, and since they will no longer be available, their value will increase with time. Also check out the limited editions, which include both charms and bracelets. They are also released twice a year and are even more sought after collectors’ items. Many sites let you pre-order so you can make sure to get your hands on them before they sell out.

As I have mentioned before (in my Chamilia beads post), authentic Chamilia charms will fit on the Pandora bracelet, as we all as those from Lovelinks, Troll beads, Tedora, Bacio and Biagi beads. And you can put a Pandora charm, Lovelinks, Bacio and Biagi beads on Chamilia charm bracelets. Trollbeads will not fit on Chamilia, however.

NOTE: In the summer of 2011, Trollbeads released a new collection of glass beads – Universal Uniques – that will fit on Chamilia bracelets. For more, see my Trollbeads News post.

Photos: Chamilia and

For more news, also see my Chamilia bracelet and Chamilia bracelets posts.

Chamilia Beads

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

European-style charms are becoming more and more popular. Surprisingly, it was Trollbeads, invented in 1976, that started the craze (I always thought it was the Pandora bracelet that came first, but no), and nowadays, there is seemingly no end to the different brand names to choose from, and there are also many companies that make their own beads (of varying quality) that are compatible with these bracelets.

The different brands are all pretty much the same, with only small differences (Troll beads do not have threads, some beads will not fit on other brand’s chains, etc.). Interestingly, three of the “big ones” are Danish –  Troll beads, Lovelinks, and Pandora jewelry, but I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, since Denmark has a long tradition of design and jewelry making.

Chamilia beads, however, are from the US. The company was started in 2002 by Killian Rieder and Jeff Julkowski and is headquartered in Minneapolis. The designs are made by Killian, a graduate of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York. She worked as a designer at Ralph Lauren Polo for many years before returning to her native Minnesota to open her own business.

The Chamilia beads were an instant success, and today, the collection consists of over 600 beads as well as several different bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that you can add the beads to.

Their beads are made from solid Sterling silver, 14k gold, colored stones, Swarovski Crystals, and Murano glass, and new designs are introduced on a regular basis. They have a (very popular) special Disney collection, as well as the Cause series, which supports several different charities. If I had to pick a favorite though, it would be the Chamilia glass beads – they are all stunning.

The bracelets in this post are all examples of Chamilia bead bracelets. The first three are their own designs, and the one below is one that I put together for myself. Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Photos: Chamilia

How do you know that what you’re buying are authentic Chamilia beads?
First of all, always buy from authorized Chamilia retailers (who are NOT allowed to sell Chamilia charms on auction sites like Amazon and eBay). Second, look for the Chamilia mark. In 2008, the company started stamping all their products, so if you are buying newer beads and bracelets, look for one of the following marks: C, Chamilia, CHAM, 925 or Cham 925.

How are they different from Pandora beads?
Chamilia beads also have a threaded core, but the bracelet itself is one smooth piece, it doesn’t have the two “stops” you see on Pandora bracelets. Instead, to keep the beads from moving, you can use their special lock pieces, which can be placed anywhere on the bracelet.

The Disney collection is exclusive to Chamilia, so that’s another difference, and the Chamilia beads tend to be a teensy bit more affordable than Pandora’s, but other than that, they are very similar.

You can put Chamilia beads on Pandora bracelets (and vice versa) as well as those from Biagi beads, Tedora, Bacio, Lovelinks and some of the Troll beads styles.

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