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Black Cat Charms And Pendants

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

With Halloween around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect time for a post featuring black cat jewelry. I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of Halloween myself; I actually think it’s kind of creepy (I know that’s the point, but I still don’t like it). But I do love cats!

Cats as symbols have a long history, as long as civilization itself. Through the ages, there have been many powers attributed to them – they have been considered good and evil, gods and witches, healers and bringers of disease, and some of the things that were done to them are too horrible to even think about (Google “France cat burning” and you’ll see). Black cats in particular were and are viewed with suspicion – we all know that a black cat crossing the street in front of you is supposed to be bad luck, and even to this day, rescued black cats are only half as likely to find new homes as their white, calico, gray, etc. siblings.

But, fortunately, they have also been considered good luck. In ancient Egypt, the cat Bastet was a goddess of love and protection; killing a cat was a crime that brought a death sentence, and many cats were mummified and buried in coffins, just like humans (archeologists found a cemetery in the city of Bubastis with over 300,000 cats in it!).

In England they were thought to bring fisherman back safely from the sea, and sailors believed that a black cat on the ship kept storms at bay. Receiving a black cat as a wedding gift is good luck, and there is an English proverb that goes “Whenever the cat of the house is black, the lasses of lovers will have no lack”.

And in Japan, Maneki Nekos, very popular cat figurines that come in all kinds of materials, shapes, sizes and colors (including black), are believed to bring good luck and protection to their owner.

As I mentioned above, I personally love cats, and certainly think they are good luck, whether black or any other color. And their grace, beauty and air of mystique have always made them perfect models for artists of all disciplines, including jewelry. Here are some of my favorite recent cat charm and pendant finds:

1. Porcelain Maneki Neko good luck charm from Dandan Designs

2. Black polymer clay kitten with Czech crystal rhinestone eyes by Gabiscuits

3. Scrimshaw (pre-ban) ivory pendant with a hand-etched cat portrait by Linda Layden

4.Sterling silver and crystal two cats charmfrom AME Jewelers

5. Antique Czech glass cat charm with rhinestone eyes and a brass collar from Thistle & Bess

6. Playing black cat charm necklace from Trost Jewelry

7. Black cat resin charm necklace by Jessica Meyer of Treasured Charms

8. Enamelled metal playing cat charm from N2

9. Black enamelled sterling silver clip-on cat charm with a freshwater pearl from Thomas Sabo

10. Vintage (1960s) Wells sterling silver and black enamel cat charm from Princess Charming (Ruby Lane)

Holiday Gift Guide – Elephant Charms

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Elephants have long been symbols of strength, power, intelligence, wisdom and excellent memory in many cultures across the globe, and in some, they are even deities: India has Ganesh and Airavata, Thailand has Erawan. There are also lots of other beliefs and folklore associated with elephants, and many consider them to be good luck. Some say that is true only if the trunk is up; others claim only white elephants can be considered lucky.

I personally love elephants on everything and think they are all lucky. I never leave the house without my little Ganesh charm – he is said to bring wisdom and remove obstacles, and who can’t use that on a daily basis? I put him on either a necklace, bracelet or just as is in a pocket.

Here is a little roundup of some recent favorite elephant charm finds:

1. Trollbeads Indian elephant charm

2. 14k White, Yellow and Rose Gold Elephant Charm from GiveMeGold Opulent and blingy with cubic zirconias

3. This charm by artist Heidi Gibson is actually a tiny oil painting on canvas! From Charmed By Heidi

4. Good Luck Elephant Charm Necklace from Dogeared

5. “My” Ganesh, from Shanti Boutique Fair Trade Designs

6. Sterling Silver Elephant Charm from Thomas Sabo

7. Elephant cabochon charm in glass and 18k gold plated brass from Anthropologie

8. Elephant Good Luck Leather wrap Charm Bracelet from The Lucky Elephant

Collage by Charms Guide
All content © Charms Guide

Even More Trollbeads & Thomas Sabo Charm News

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

No sooner had I published my most recent posts – Trollbeads News and The New Thomas Sabo Charm Collection – than they both announced even more new products! Here is a quick update on the latest from each:

New Trollbeads World Tour Installment

Trollbeads announced their latest release in the world tour series: Japan. They’ve been doing the world tour thing for about a year now – it’s a series of beads representative of different countries, and usually only available in that particular country. That is also the case with the Japan-inspired beads, which consist of an old shrine, a noh mask (both in silver) and two glass beads: the “Rising Sun” (white with a red dot) and the “Blooming Sakura” (a very pretty blue with cherry flowers – my favorite).

Photos: Trollbeads Universe

For the latest from Trollbeads, see The New Trollbeads Winter Collection post.

New Thomas Sabo Charms

Thomas Sabo charm club released a very feminine and elegant collection of 46 new clip-on charms, all in sterling silver, some with diamonds, enamel, cubic zirconia and pearls. There are lots of cute charms in this collection – my favorites are the red clutch, the ballerina, the handbag, and the crown.

Photos: Thomas Sabo

The New Thomas Sabo Charm Collection

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

The new fall/winter 2011 collections from Thomas Sabo Charm Club – “The Exotic Issue” – is, as you would expect, heavily Asian-influenced. The new designs were presented at cocktail parties in 18 cities across the globe in early August, complete with Asian food and drinks, and even TS-branded rickshaws!

The Seasonal Collection includes new pendants, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and charm carriers, and according to Thomas Sabo, it “scintillates with enigmatic lightness, Far Eastern poetry and comic-inspired elements” and ”The positive karma of the Buddhist Great Blessing symbols… overarches the entire collection”. The Asian influence is seen in many of the pendants: fans, Chinese dolls and symbols. My favorites are the pink and white heart and the red fan pendants.

The Classic Collection mixes “boudoir style and cosmopolitan elegance with imagery of the1930s” and includes feathers, masks, and winged hearts in oxidized silver and dark stones. Favorites here include the white cubic zirconia drop and the crown pendants.

The Rebel at Heart is another Asian-inspired collection and is described by the company as “high Asian culture meet urban dandyism and transform Kung Fu fighters into extraordinary gentlemen”. Hhhm. Again, there are winged hearts, feathers, crosses, swords, skulls, Asian fans, dragons and symbols. In this collection, my favorites are the Lantern and locket pendants.

New charms include a bunch of different animals, an adorable globe (which I think is also a little bit funny, it looks like total Thomas Sabo world domination) :-), a couple of cute high heel clogs, several Asian-inspired charms, and lots of cartoonish designs. My favorites here are the little brown bag and the adorable Westie in a bag.

And, for soccer fans, there is a new Bayern Munich Collection, consisting of charms and small pendants with the club’s slogans and logo.

All photos: Thomas Sabo

For more, also see my Thomas Sabo Charm Club and the Even More Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo Charm News post.

The Thomas Sabo Charm Club

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Thomas Sabo charms have become incredibly popular in recent years, and no wonder. They are cute, youthful, fun and colorful, and they are all clip-on, which makes it super easy to switch them out in just a few seconds (plus you can attach them to other things as well). They have a totally different look from what we think of as European-style (like the Lovelinks, Chamilia beads and Pandora bracelet) more like a traditional charm bracelet, but easier to put together.

Thomas Sabo started his jewelry company in Germany in the early 1980s and opened his first store (in Frankfurt am Main) in 1998. Today, he has shops all over the world and the latest store in the US opened (with fanfare and celebrities as usual) in Las Vegas (his second store there) in June this year.

The charm club is not really a club per se, but the name of the charm collection. The charms are all 925 sterling silver with synthesized Cubic zirconia and enamel, and the collection consists of over 450 charms in categories like “Charms and the City” (tiny dresses, shoes, handbags, etc.), “Just Married” (hearts, rings, etc.), “Good Luck charms” (four-leaf clover, horse shoe, hearts, etc.), and “Tropical Holiday” (flip flops, colorful flowers, animals). They are all adorable and fairly inexpensive, ranging from around $24 to $125.

I put together a really cute pink/silver bracelet for myself, consisting of pink stones and flowers and silver animals (love that Scottie!) and the total came to around $500, not super cheap, but if you start with just one charm and then wish for others, you should have a complete bracelet in a very short time.

The charm carriers is such a cute idea too – they’re basically just rings you can add to any bracelet, necklace or whatever you want, and then clip on your charms. So simple, and so smart.

New charms are being released all the time, and the entire collection is always expanding. Today, it also includes charm watches, necklaces, and a fragrance.

I love a good success story, and Thomas Sabo’s charms are precisely that – a cute and creative idea that turned into a worldwide empire. Brilliant!

For more, also see my New Thomas Sabo Charm Collection and the Even More Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo Charm News posts.

Photos: Thomas Sabo