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We have talked quite a bit about European-style charm bracelets lately (Lovelinks, Troll beads, Biagi beads, Chamilia charms, and Pandora jewelry) but today’s post is about a famous brand of traditional charm bracelets: Rembrandt.

According to Rembrandt, their collection is the world’s largest, with over 16,000 traditional charms. There is indeed a huge variety of designs to choose from, and one thing that sets them apart from other brands is that each and every one is available in 5 different metals: sterling silver, gold plated silver, 14k white gold, 10 and 14k yellow gold. The same is true for the bracelets, which come in 7, 8 or 9” lengths (some only in 7 and 8”) with box, lobster or spring ring clasps.

All their charms are hand-made using an ancient technique called “cire perdue” (lost wax casting). A mold is made with the help of wax and plaster, and the charm is created by pouring liquid metal into the mold and allowed to sit and harden. When the charm is ready, it is removed from the mold and hand-finished and polished.

Rembrandt’s prices fluctuate according to market price for each metal, and also vary between the metals for each bracelet and charm. As you would guess, the silver items are the most affordable; as an example, the adorable filigree heart charm (one of my favorites) is around $34 in silver and $579 in 14k gold (at the time of writing).

Here are two bracelets I recently put together, one is all silver, the other all 14k gold. The silver version ended up at $311 and the gold at $4,926.

All photos: Rembrandt charms

There is a lot of flexibility with these charms – you have a choice between a jump ring attachment or a lobster clasp (Thomas Sabo charm style); you can get them engraved; the photoart collection charms can be personalized with your own photos; and most charm designs are also available as earrings, brooches, a variety of pins, cuff links, and charm holders.

The charm holders are essentially thin rings with a design up top and a bail. You can open the ring and slide charms onto it, and then attach it (using the bail) to a chain (or any material you want) for an instant charm necklace.

They also have “Charmdrops” – round bead-type charms with a little loop on the bottom, which fits on European-type bracelets – so you can add your favorite Rembrandt charm to your Pandora bracelet (for example).

How do you know it’s an authentic Rembrandt charm? Look for their trademark “RQC” (followed by the metal code) on either the bottom or back of the charm, and/or on the jump ring. And as always, buy from an authorized dealer.

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