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New Charm Jewelry From Dolce And Gabbana

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana recently revealed their new fine jewelry collection, and it is stunning. We have seen charms from Dolce & Gabbana many times before, not least in this amazing wool clutch, but nothing quite like this.

The new 80-piece collection is all handmade 18k gold – white, rose and yellow –embellished with rubies, sapphires, black jade and freshwater pearls. The designers say they were inspired by their heritage, and Sicily in particular (one of the lines in the new collection is even called “Sicily”), and wanted to create jewelry that had the look and feel of heirlooms that have been passed down for generations. Italian supermodel Bianca Balti stars in the sultry ad campaign, and the pieces will retail for just under $1,000 to around $25,000.

The collection includes charm bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, and is indeed loaded with imagery that is classic Italian, both religious and superstitious. There are both gold and handpainted ceramic charms with pictures of the Madonna, bejeweled crosses, charm necklaces that resemble rosaries, as well as hearts, beautiful filigree, and lots of good luck charms such as horseshoes, four leaf clovers, cornicellos, etc.

Take a look:

Photos: Dolce & Gabbana
Layout: Charms Guide

Sundance Charm Necklaces And Bracelets

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

I have always loved pretty much everything I see in the Sundance catalog (and have been the lucky recipient of many a birthday and Christmas present from there). I just got the latest one in the mail and was extra delighted to see that there are more charm necklaces and bracelets than I have seen from them in one catalog before. There is definitely a trend going on right now with personalized jewelry in general, and charm necklaces in particular, and there are some of those in this catalog as well.

For those who haven’t heard of them before (oh, are you in for a treat!), Sundance is a jewelry, clothing and home decor company in Utah, founded by Robert Redford (yes, the actor) in 1969. What started as a small local store has grown into a major mail order company (but they still have three stores: one in Utah, one in California and one in Colorado). The first catalog was sent out in 1989 to a small group of people – today the company publishes 35 catalogs/year and they are sent out to millions of customers. And the Sundance Group now also includes the film festival, TV channel, a resort, Sundance Cinemas, and the Sundance Institute.

What I really like about their products (aside from how beautiful they are in their rustic, slightly rough and bohemian way) is that most are handmade by (amazing) artisans. And you can read their bios on the Sundance website, so you get to know a little bit about the person who made your piece of jewelry.

Anyway, here are some of the gorgeous charm necklaces and bracelets from the latest catalog that are definitely going on my wish list (which you can set up right on their site and then share with potential gift-givers. 🙂 )

Collage: Charms Guide
Photos: Sundance Catalog

Adorable Heart Charm Mugs

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Charms can obviously be used in many other ways than on a charm bracelet – in scrapbooking, attached to gifts, on necklaces, etc. – and the other day, I came across a fabulous new way of using them that I have never seen before: attached to mugs.

These adorable mugs are made by French-born artist and founder of Ligne Ceramique, Jacqueline Igestedt. She began her career as a furniture designer and also worked as an interior decorator in Casablanca, Morocco. She now lives in Stockholm, Sweden and focuses her creative powers on ceramics.

The mugs (3.3” high) come in off white and black with either a heart charm or tiny glass beads, and can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Or be used as anything really – pencil cups, small flower pots, candy bowls, vases, etc.

So cute and creative! I especially love the ones with the heart charms. I have not been able to find them here in the US, but they are available online at

All photos:

Charm Beads And Beads With Charms

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

What is the difference between charm beads and beads with charms? Charm hangers and charm holders? What are charm drops and charm carriers? It’s time for another terminology post to help bring some clarity to these terms, which are often used interchangeably, making searching for them somewhat of a challenge at times. To see the description of the pictures, hover over them with your mouse. To see a picture larger, click on it – it will open in a new window.

The term charm bead usually refers to a bead bead, the kind you find on a European-style charm bracelet (i.e. Lovelinks, Troll beads, Bacio, Chamilia beads, Pandora bracelets, etc.).

Beads with charms can mean either beads beads with a dangly part (a.k.a. dangle beads or dangle charms), or a bead bracelet (or necklace) with charms. You can find the European-style “beads with charms” ready-made (like the Pandora charm pictured on the left here), or you can get a charm hanger and make one yourself.

Charm hangers (sometimes also called charm hanger beads, charm drops, bead bails, and sometimes charm holders) are European-style beads in various sizes. They can be just thin disks or inch-long tubes, all have a little loop on the bottom where you attach your charm(s). Since most have pretty large center holes in order for them to fit on all (or most) European-style brands, they also work great on necklaces, either homemade or bought (provided the clasp is small enough that you can get the charm hanger over it). I personally really like leather charm necklaces, and you can fit several strands of leather (or any string or thin chain you want obviously) through one charm hanger, which creates a great multi-strand look.

I touched on charm holders briefly in the “Pendants…” post, but here is a more thorough explanation: They are usually round or oblong thin loops (in gold or silver, or plated) with a pretty design and a little opening mechanism up top so that you can open it and slide charms onto the holder. They are intended to be put on necklaces (they don’t work on bracelets, they are too big) and are confusingly sometimes also referred to as charm hangers

Charm drops, as we saw earlier, can be the same thing as charm hanger beads, but you often see the term refer simply to hanging charms as well. The charm drop in the photo on the left is from Rembrandt charms.

Charm carriers are very similar to charm hangers, but they usually come in two designs: for use on either necklaces or European-style bracelets. The ones for bracelets have the exact same design as the charm hangers, and the ones for necklaces have a ring up top (which slides onto the necklace), a design in the middle, and a loop on the bottom where you attach the charms. The Thomas Sabo charm one pictured here is intended for use on a necklace.

I hope I have helped to shed some light on the actual products behind these terms and made it a bit easier to shop for them.

Charms, Charms And More Charms – A Directory Of Artists, Manufacturers And Designers

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

For quite some time now, I have been “collecting” names of artists, designers and manufacturers of charms and charm bracelets. Then it dawned on me: perhaps others could also benefit from this list, and find new favorite designers and styles? I asked a few friends, who all said YES! so I decided it would be a good idea to share it with you all.

You will see that it is a wide variety – everything from famous fashion designers to relatively unknown artists working out of their home studio. The list is constantly growing and I keep finding new and exciting designs all the time. However, I don’t put “just anyone” on the list – only original designs and I have to like them. So I guess you can say it’s a “curated list”.

As I mentioned above, this list is by no means complete, and I will keep adding to it on a regular basis. If you have a favorite designer you think belongs on this list (from anywhere in the world), please contact me and I will check them out and if I like what I see, I’ll add them.

Since charms come in several styles these days, I have created a little style “key” so that you can easily find the types of charms you are looking for:

European-style = bead charms
Vintage = no longer in production, but can be found at auctions, etc. Traditional-style charms unless noted otherwise
Traditional = Regular charms (with jump or split ring attachments. NOTE that traditional does not necessarily mean traditional looking bracelets; it just describes the type of charm
Clip on charms = Traditional charms with a clasp attachment
Italian charms = Modular link-style
Craft = mini charms suitable for scrap booking, etc.
Kids = charm bracelets for children
Rings = interchangeable charm or bead rings, or rings with charms attached
Earrings = interchangeable charm or bead earrings
Necklaces = interchangeable charm or bead necklaces
Mobile = cell phone charms
Pre-made = already assembled charm bracelets, usually with the charms soldered on. Pre-made in parenthesis means it is the only type they offer, Pre-made on its own means they offer that in addition to separate charms
Slide = slide charms
Watch = charm watches

Aaron Basha – Traditional (kids)
Accessories & Beyond – Traditional (pre-made)
Accurist – watch (European-style)
Adamantus – Clip on
Affinity – Clip on
Ajda Lampwork – European-style
Alengio – European-style
Alex and Ani – Traditional (pre-made) bangles
Alex Monroe – Traditional & Pre-made
Alex Woo – Traditional (pre-made)
Alia Jewelry – European-style
Altruette – Traditional & Pre-made
Amore & Baci – European-style, Kids
Amore La Vita – Clip on
AmuletGifts – Traditional & Pre-made (lucky charms)
Analece Design – Traditional, Clip on,
Anna Rose Jewelry – Traditional & Pre-made
Anna Sui – Traditional (pre-made)
Annika Bertilsdotter – Traditional, Clip on
Annina Vogel – Pre made (from vintage pieces)
Anson – Vintage
Archive Jewelry – Traditional (pre-made), Vintage
Art-Charms – Traditional (custom made from kids art)
Ashley Pittman – Traditional (pre-made)
Assya – Traditional (pre-made)
Astley Clarke – Traditional (pre-made)
Aurélie Bidermann – Traditional (pre-made)
Avindy – Traditional (pre-made)
Avon – Vintage
Azendi – European-style, Traditional
Azuni – Traditional (pre-made)

Baby Phat – Clip on, Pre-made
Baci Beads – European-style
Bacio – European-style, Kids
Badgley Mischka – Traditional (pre-made)
Baglady – European-style, Traditional, Clip on
Barbara Bixby – Traditional
Basch – Traditional (pre-made)
Bates & Klinke – Vintage
Beau Sterling – Vintage
Bell Trading Post – Vintage
Belleek Living – Traditional (pre-made)
Bellina Beads – European-style
Betsey Johson – Traditional (pre-made)
Betty Design – European-style
Beverly K – Traditional (pre-made)
Beyond Words – Traditional
Biagi beads – European-style, Clip on, Kids
Bill Levine – Traditional
Bing Bang – Traditional (pre-made)
Birdland Creations – Traditional (pre-made)
Blee Inara – Traditional (pre-made)
Blossom Copenhagen – Traditional
Boho Soho – Clip on
Bombay Duck – Clip on
Bongo – Traditional (pre-made)
Bon Bon Charms – Traditional
Bonn Bons – Slide
Bottega Veneta – Clip on
Boxing – Italian
Boucheron – Vintage
Breadner – Vintage
Brighton Charms – European-style, Clip on
Bruno Zanetti – Italian
Bugard Studio – Rings
Bulgari – Clip on, Pre-made,
Burberry – Traditional (pre-made)

Carl Art – Vintage
Carolee – Clip on
Carolina Bucci – Traditional (pre-made)
Carolyn Pollack – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Cartier – Vintage, Clip on
Casa d’oro – Italian
Cassandra Erin – Traditional (pre-made)
Cath Kidston – Traditional (pre-made)
Catherine Canino – Traditional (pre-made)
Catherine Michiels – Traditional
Cathy Dailey – European-style, Traditional
Cathy Waterman – Traditional, Pre-made
Cellini – Traditional, Vintage
Chamilia beads – European-style, Kids
Chanel – Vintage, Clip on, Traditional
Charity Charms – Clip on, Pre-made
Charles Horner – Vintage
Charm Barn – Craft
Charm Factory – Traditional, European-style, Pre-made
Charm It – Clip on (kids)
Charmco – Traditional
Charmed Memories – European-style
Charming by Ti Sento – Clip on
Charming Life – Traditional & Pre-made
Charmology – Traditional (pre-made)
Charms UK – European-style, Clip on
Charmworks – Traditional
Chelsea Taylor – European-style, Clip on
CherieO – European-style, Traditional
Cherished Time Designs – Traditional, Pre-made
Chim – Vintage
Chloe – Traditional (pre-made)
Creed – Vintage
Christie Martin – Traditional
Christy Lea Payne (CLP) – Traditional & Pre-made
Chrysalis – European-style, Clip on, Necklaces
ChuBo Beads – European-style
Clogau Gold – European-style, Clip on, Traditional, Pre-made
Coach – Traditional (pre-made), Clip on
Coloured Rocks – European-style, Clip on, Pre-made
Coro (Corocraft) – Vintage
Courtney Simmelkjaer – Traditional (pre-made)
Cousin Claudine – Traditional (pre-made)
Crea – Vintage
Crystalbead888 – European-style

D for Diamonds – Traditional (pre-made) for kids
Damas Jewellery – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Danecraft – Vintage
Dangerous Goods – Traditional, Clip on
David Andersen – Vintage
David Yurman – Traditional
DaVinci Beads – European-style
Dazzlers – Clip on
Dazzling – Traditional (pre-made)
De-ani, Inc. – Clip on
Deffego – European-style, Italian
Diddi Design – Traditional (pre-made), Clip on
Dinky Fingerprint Company, The – Traditional, Pre-made, European-style
Dinny Hall – Traditional (pre-made)
Dior – Clip on & Pre-made
Disney Couture – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Dogeared – Traditional (pre-made)
Dolce & Gabbana – Traditional (pre-made)
Donatella – European-style, Traditional
Doriwallace Jewelry – European-style
Dower & Hall – Pre made & Traditional
Dyrberg/Kern – Traditional (pre-made)

Edblad & Co – Traditional (pre-made)
Ecuus Designs – European-style
Elco – Vintage
Elle Jewelry – Clip on
Elsa Peretti (for Tiffany) – Vintage, Pre-made
Elsa Schiaparelli – Vintage
Embracelets – Traditional, Pre-made
Erickson Beamon – Traditional (pre-made)
Essenza Beads – European-style
Ettika – Traditional (pre-made)
Evolve New Zealand – European-style
Extasia – Clip on

Fabergé – Vintage
Femme Metale – Traditional & Pre-made
Field & Rose (Laura Love Rose) – Traditional & Pre-made
Fiorelli – Traditional (pre-made)
Florenza – Vintage
Formia Design – Traditional (custom made from kids art)
Forstner – Vintage
Fort of Providence – Vintage
Fossil – Clip on, Pre-made
Free People – Traditional, Vintage

Garold Miller – Traditional (pre-made)
George Jensen – Clip on, Vintage
George Shiebler – Vintage
Gioielli Italy – Mobile, Italian
Giorgio Martello – Clip on
Glassbeadstudio – European-style
Glitzy Girls – Traditional (pre-made) for kids
Good Charma – Traditional (pre-made), Necklaces, Kids
GP Firenze – Italian
Granchelli – European-style
Gucci – Traditional (pre-made)
Guess – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)

Halia – European-style
Harrods – Mobile
Heather Moore – Traditional, Pre-made
Helen Ficalora – Traditional
Hellobead – European-style
Henry Dankner & Sons – Vintage
HighChi – Tradtitional & Pre-made
High IntenCITY – Clip on (kids)
Hilla Design – European-style
Hint Charms – Traditional
Hot Diamonds – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Hultquist-Copenhagen – Traditional (pre-made)

Ideal Jewelry Manufacturing Company (trademark Theda) – Vintage
Individuality – European-style
Intercast – Vintage
Ippolita – Traditional

James Avery Charms – Traditional
Jay Strongwater – Clip on
Jayposon – Vintage
Jemma Lulu – Traditional (pre-made)
Jennifer Zeuner – Traditional (pre-made)
Jessica Elliot – Traditional (pre-made)
Jewelart Sterling – Vintage
Jewellery Tree, The – Traditional (custom made)
Jill Schiff – Traditional & Pre-made
JM Fisher Company – Vintage
Jo for Girls – European-style, Traditional (pre-made) for kids
Joan Rivers – Traditional (pre-made)
John Hardy – Traditional (pre-made)
John Lewis – European-style (pre-made)
Jon Richard – Clip on, Pre-made, European-style
JouJou – Clip on
Joulberry – Traditional (custom)
Joy Everly – Traditional, Pre-made, Kids
Juicy Couture – Clip on
Just Divine – Traditional (pre-made)
Just J – Clip on

K&Company – Craft
Kalassmycken – Clip on, Pre-made (kids)
Karen Foster Design – Craft
Karen Hill Tribe Silver – European-style, Traditional
KC Designs – Traditional (pre-made)
Kelly Waters – Traditional
Kieselstein Cord – Traditional (pre-made)
Kinney – Vintage
Kirks Folly – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Kit Heath – Traditional (pre-made), European-style (their own version, only fits their chains), Kids, Clip on
Konstantino – Traditional (pre-made)
Kranz & Ziegler – Traditional

La Vie Parisienne – Traditional (pre-made)
Lacey Ryan – Traditional (pre-made)
Lagos – Traditional (pre-made)
Landmark Beads – European-style
Lauren Sigman – Traditional (pre-made)
Les Néréides – Traditional, Pre made
Leslie MacInnes – Traditional (custom made from kids art)
Lilyme – Traditional
Links of London – Traditional
Linx & More – Tiny charms to go in their lockets, Italian
Liz Claiborne – Traditional (pre-made)
Lois Hill – Traditional (pre-made)
LOLA of Paris – European-style, Clip on
London Road Jewellery – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Loop Collection, The – Traditional (pre-made)
Louis Vuitton – Clip on
Lovelinks – European-style, Kids
LovingTheBead – European-style, Clip on, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces
LTD Art Glass – European-style
Lucky Brand – Clip on
Lulu Guinness – Traditional (pre-made)
Lunch at the Ritz – Traditional (pre-made bracelets)
Lutrick – European-style
Luv Links – European-style

M & B Vintage – Vintage, Traditional
Magdalena Ruiz Pasieka – European-style
Maisel’s Indian Trading Post – Vintage
Maloa – Traditional (pre-made)
Manolo Blahnik (for TOUS) – Traditional (launches in March 2011)
Marc Jacobs – Traditional (pre-made)
Marcus Max Design – Rings
Mark Poulin – Traditional (pre-made), Necklaces
MarMalaid – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Martick – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Maryann Wilkin Designs – Traditional & Pre-made
Mathot Design – European-style
Me to You – Traditional (pre-made) for kids
Medical Alert Link – Italian (medical alert bracelets)
Mercedes Salazar – Traditional (pre-made)
Mi Lajki – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Michele Baratta – Traditional & Pre-made
Mikey Jewellery – Clip on
Milly – Traditional (pre-made)
Molly Brown – Traditional & Pre-made
Monet (aka Monocraft Products Company) – Vintage
Monica Rich Kosann – Traditional, Necklaces, Pre-made
Monserat de Lucca – Traditional (pre-made)
Moritz Glik – Traditional (pre-made)
Muano – European-style
Muru – Clip on

Nagara by SeaZen
– European-style
Napier – Vintage
Nelle & Lizzy – Traditional, Pre-made
Nick Hubbard – Traditional, Pre-made
Nicky Vankets – Traditional (pre-made)
Nina Designs – Traditional
Nina/STHLM – Traditional (pre-made)
Nomination – Italian
Nuvo – Vintage

Oh la la – Traditional (pre-made) using ribbons instead of chains
OHMBeads – European-style
Ole Lynggaard – Traditional & Pre-made
OneJewels – European-style for their own line of rings and necklaces
Oriana Jewelry – European-style
Oscar de la Renta – Traditional (pre-made)
Otis Jaxon – Clip on
Oxxo Design – Traditional, Clip on

P & B Sterling – Vintage
Page Sargisson – Traditional, Necklaces
Pandora Jewelry – European-style
Pastiche – Clip on
Paul Morelli – Clip on
Peace of Mind
– Traditional
Pearl Affection, The – Clip on
Pearls for Girls – Clip on
Pedro Boregaard – Traditional
Penny Preville – Traditional
Perlamore – European-style
Personality – European-style
Personalized Boutique – Clip on
Peruzzi – Vintage
Pia Jewellery – European-style, Clip on
Pianegonda – Clip on
Pick Up Sticks Jewelry Co. – Traditional
Pilgrim – Clip on, Traditional, Necklaces, Earrings
Playboy – Traditional (pre-made), Mobile
Pnut Jewelry – Traditional (but very unusual!), Pre-made
Polkadot Magpie – Traditional
Privileged – Traditional & Pre-made
Pugster – European-style, Italian, Clip on, Traditional
Puzzle Collection – Italian

Queen Baby – Traditional (pre-made)

Raymond Yard – Vintage
ReFlorence – Italian
Rembrandt Charms – Traditional, clip on
Reller – European-style, Traditional
R.L. Griffith – Vintage
Romano Passavinti – Italian
Rosecraft – Vintage
Royal London – Clip on
RYLDesigns – Traditional
RYRY – Italian

Sacred Charms
– Traditional (pre-made), Clip on
SarahDipiti – Traditional
Saskia Rose Design – Clip on, Pre-made
Satya Jewelry – Traditional (pre-made)
Scribble – Traditional (pre-made) for kids
Seidengang – Traditional (pre-made)
Serena’s Beadery – European-style
Shane Co – Traditional (w option to add clip on)
Shanti – Clip on, Pre-made, European-style
Siena Jewellery – Clip on
Silver by Mail – Clip on
Silverado – European-style, Kids
Simstars – European-style
Slane & Slane – Traditional (pre-made)
SNÖ of Sweden – Traditional (pre-made)
Sparkling Sage – Traditional (pre-made)
Spencer – Vintage
Spinning Jewelry – European-style, Rings
Stella & Dot – Traditional
Stephen Einhorn – Traditional, Pre-made
Storm Jewellery – European-style, Clip on, Necklaces, Pre made
Storywheels – European-style
Stuller – Clip on, Traditional (pre-made)
Style Naturale – Traditional (pre-made)
Sundance Catalog – Traditional, Pre-made
Suuz Design – European-style
Svane & Lührs – Clip on
Swarovksi – Clip on

Talexia – Italian
Talkatoo – Clip on (recordable!)
Tarina Tarantino – Traditional (pre-made)
Taxco – Vintage
Tedora – European-style
Temple St.Clair – Traditional, Pre-made
TerraCast – Traditional
Terranova – Vintage
Thea Grant – Traditional (pre-made)
Theda – Vintage
Theo Fennell – Clip on
Thomas L Mott – Vintage
Thomas Sabo Charm Club – Clip on
Three Sisters Jewelry Design – Traditional
Ti Sento – Clip on, Pre-made
Tiffany & Co – Traditional
Timebeads – European-style watch beads
Tina Tang – Traditional
TLM (Thomas L Mott) – Vintage
Tous -Traditional (pre-made), Toric joint
Trifari – Vintage
Trina Turk – Traditional (pre-made)
Troll beads – European-style
Truth – European-style, Clip on, Necklaces, Kids (“Truth Cutie”)
Tur-Agamo – European-style

Unodomani – Italian

Van Cleef & Arpels – Vintage
Verdura – Vintage, Pre-made
Viva Beads – European-style
Våga – Clip on

Walt Disney Productions – Vintage
Walter Lampl – Vintage
We Three Designs – Traditional, Necklaces
Wells Sterling – Vintage
WellsWare – Traditional & Pre-made
William Ruser – Vintage

Xenox – Clip on, Pre-made
Xixis Beads – European-style
XOXO – Traditional (pre-made)

Zable – European-style, Earrings, Necklaces
Zoppini – Italian

Pendants or Charms?

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Pendants and charms come in all sizes, designs and materials. Sometimes, there is a bit of confusion about what makes a piece of jewelry a charm vs. a pendant, and to add to the befuddlement, some people use both terms interchangeably.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a pendant as “A jewel, bead, tassel, or the like, attached loosely to clothing, etc., so as to hang down as an ornament; an ornamental fringe (obs.); (now) esp. a loosely hanging piece of jewellery worn on a chain around the neck; a necklace with such a piece of jewellery attached” or ” The hanging part of an earring; an earring with a substantial hanging part, an ear-drop.”

and a charmAnything worn about the person to avert evil or ensure prosperity; an amulet” or “A small ornament or trinket worn fastened to a watch-chain or girdle.

There are no set standards, but generally speaking:

Pendants are larger than charms

Pendants often have bails. A bail is the “loop” on the pendant that you use to hang it on the necklace. Bails can be “built-in” parts of the pendant, soldered on, or separate findings that you attach to the pendant in a variety of ways (depending on the design of the bail).

Bails are normally not used for charms. It is possible to attach a charm to a bracelet with the help of a bail and a jump ring, but it gets bulky and can look a little bit clumsy. It can be done though – I put a bail and a jump ring on a tiny briolette (photo on right), and it is small enough that it could comfortably fit on a charm bracelet.

Pendants are usually too large to comfortably wear on a bracelet, however, if we look at vintage jewelry, there were medallion charm bracelets (especially popular during the 40s), which had one huge (by bracelet standards) medallion, large enough that I would label them pendants, so it is essentially up to the wearer where to draw the line.

Charms are smaller than pendants, often designed especially for use on bracelets and come with jump rings, split rings, link locks or lobster claw attachments, or if you buy a finished bracelet, they may be soldered on.

Charms can easily be put on necklaces (as well as rings and earrings). You can attach your charm just as it is, or use a charm holder – a ring with an opening where you can slide your charms on and a bail up top – specifically designed so that you can put one or several of your charms on a necklace.

The word charm can also describe European-style beads, like Troll beads, Chamilia beads, Pandora charms, etc. They are often round beads (but come in other shapes as well) with a hole through the middle (some with dangles), and can be put on both snake chain bracelets and necklaces.

Then there are Italian charm bracelets, which with their interlocked link system do not look like what you normally think of as charms at all (although some of them have dangles as well).

You sometimes see terms such as “pendant charms”, “charm pendant”, “mini charm pendant”, “bead charms”, “mini pendants”, “mini charms”, “cake charms”, “fob”, etc.

Pendant charms are usually pendants, i.e. too large to use on bracelets.

A charm pendant is a smaller pendant, sometimes with a bail, sometimes with a jump ring or even just a hole up top, so some of these can work both on necklaces and bracelets. On necklaces, charm pendants are often seen in clusters of 3 or more.

A mini charm pendant is also usually a pendant with a bail (or sometimes just a hole), just a bit smaller.

Bead charms are almost always European-style beads (for Pandora bracelets, etc.)

Mini-pendants can be anywhere from ¼” to over 1”, and come with the usual variety of attachments, so all can be used on necklaces and the smaller ones can be used as charms on bracelets.

Mini charms are even tinier charms, mostly intended for use in crafts (scrapbooking, card making, for wine glass charms, etc.), but I like them for children’s bracelets, or as part of a “regular sized” one too.

Cake charms are smallish, often good luck charms intended for use in wedding cakes. The tradition goes back to Victorian times, and what you do is tie a ribbon to each charm, put the charms underneath (or inside) the cake, and let each member of the wedding party pull out their own charm (sometimes this is done at the shower instead of at the wedding itself). And you can of course use them on bracelets and necklaces as well.

Fobs were popular in the late 1800s and are essentially charms that were intended to be put on a watch chain or chatelaine (but work equally well on a bracelet). They were sometimes just decorative, sometimes utilitarian (like a key for example). Today, they are popular collectors’ items, and often used on charm bracelets.

For more terminology, also see the “Charm Beads and Beads With Charms” post

Charms, Amulets And Talismans In Other Languages

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Even if you’re not a collector (yet!), it is fun to hunt for charms and amulets (good luck charms) in other countries. Charms in Other LanguagesThey are great souvenirs for yourself and make fabulous gifts for those back home. Pick up a bunch and put them on a bracelet to give at a holiday or special occasion. You can make these really personal too. For example, if the recipient loves to read, look for charms depicting books, pens, famous libraries, etc. Another advantage of charms is that they are lightweight and take up virtually no space in your suitcase.

Even if you don’t speak the local language, it is helpful to know what charms are called in other languages, both when shopping in other countries and browsing the internet. Sometimes, going to the Google page of a particular country and doing a search for an item in the local language can yield great results, and you may discover treasures that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

This is what “Charms”, “Amulets” and “Talismans” are called in a few other languages (where there are only two words, the word for amulet and talisman is the same):

Afrikaans: Sjarme, Amulet
Albanian: Bukuri, Amulet, Hajmali
Bulgarian: Char, Amulet, Talisman
Chinese: Mèilì, Hùshenfú
Croatian: Šarm, Amulet, Amajlija
Czech: Kouzlo, Amulet, Talisman
Danish: Charme, Amulet, Talisman
Dutch: Charme, Amulet, Talisman
Estonian: Võlu, Amulett, Talisman
Filipino: Halinahin, Anting-Anting
Finnish: Viehätys, Amuletti, Talismaani
French: Charme, Breloque, Porte-Bonheur, Amulette
German: Charme, Glucksbringer, Amulette, Talisman
Greek: GoiTeía, Fylaktó, Fylachtó
Hindi: Akarsana, Tabiza, Taviza
Hungarian: Báj, Amulett, Talizmán
Icelandic: Þokki, Verndargripir, Talisman
Indonesian: Pesona, Jimat
Italian: Incanto, Porta-Fortuna, Talismano, Amuleto
Japanese: Miryoku, Omamori
Korean: Maelyeog, Bujeog
Latvian: Burviba, Amulets, Talismans
Lithuanian: Žavesio, Amuletas, Talismanas
Macedonian: Šarm, Amulet, Talisman
Malay: Pesona, Jimat
Norweigan: Sjarm, Amuletten, Talisman
Polish: Urok, Amulet, Talizman
Portugese: Encanto, Amuleto, Talismã
Romanian: Farmec, Amuleta, Talisman
Russian: Ocharovanie, Amulet, Talisman
Serbian: Šarm, Amajlija
Slovak: Kúzlo, Amulet, Talizman
Slovenian: Car, Amulet, Talisman
Spanish: Encanto, Dije, Amuleto, Talismán
Swedish: Berlock, Amulett, Talisman
Thai: SEnh, KheruXngrang, KHxngkHlang
Turkish: Çekicilik, Muska, Tilsim
Ukranian: Charivnist’, Amulet, Talisman
Vietnamese: Say Mê, BuA, BuA Phu Hô
Welsh: Swyn, Amulet, Talisman