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Pandora Charm News

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

The people at Pandora do not rest on their laurels – they keep coming up with not only new charms and designs, but also features by the handful.

In early June, they released a new collection of charm beads with birthstones. The beads are really cute, a flower design in oxidized silver with a tiny stone. They tell you a little bit about each stone too; mine is garnet (for January) and it is supposedly thought to protect travelers and it’s color (red) symbolizes courage, love, joy, warmth and energy. Nice to know, and especially nice to include if you’re giving one as a gift to someone. You can also download an image of your birthstone charm as a desktop or cell phone wallpaper.

In mid-June, the first edition of their bi-monthly online magazine (simply called Pandora magazine) was published. The premier issue featured Penelope Cruz, several “inspiration board” pages where they tell you who made the clothes, shoes, etc. and you can click on the jewelry pieces to get more info (they’re all Pandora, of course), styling tips, behind the scenes, etc.

They also recently introduced a new line of great looking macramé charm bracelets (I just started dabbling in knotting macramé myself, so I was very excited to see this). They come in several colors (black, gold, red, natural, navy, orange, grey, and my favorite, dusty pink) with 14k gold or sterling silver endings, and there is a little indentation in the middle of them where you can add a clip-on bead if you want.

Then there is the new jewelry matching tool where you pick one piece of jewelry from a “wheel” on the left hand side of the screen and then a matching piece on the right and add to your wish list. This is obviously a way to make you buy more, but it’s fun to play with nevertheless, and useful for holiday and birthday wish lists.

Also check their website (or sign up for their newsletter) for competitions and other ways to potentially receive or win free stuff. Right now, there is the Ring upon Ring competition, where you create a set of rings to be stacked (with the help of their online tool) and enter to win the stack you designed.

And I recently answered one of their customer research questionnaires and as a thank you got a leather Pandora charm bracelet with a Murano glass charm on it sent to me in the mail. Nice!

All photos: Pandora

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