The Thomas Sabo Charm Club

Thomas Sabo charms have become incredibly popular in recent years, and no wonder. They are cute, youthful, fun and colorful, and they are all clip-on, which makes it super easy to switch them out in just a few seconds (plus you can attach them to other things as well). They have a totally different look from what we think of as European-style (like the Lovelinks, Chamilia beads and Pandora bracelet) more like a traditional charm bracelet, but easier to put together.

Thomas Sabo started his jewelry company in Germany in the early 1980s and opened his first store (in Frankfurt am Main) in 1998. Today, he has shops all over the world and the latest store in the US opened (with fanfare and celebrities as usual) in Las Vegas (his second store there) in June this year.

The charm club is not really a club per se, but the name of the charm collection. The charms are all 925 sterling silver with synthesized Cubic zirconia and enamel, and the collection consists of over 450 charms in categories like “Charms and the City” (tiny dresses, shoes, handbags, etc.), “Just Married” (hearts, rings, etc.), “Good Luck charms” (four-leaf clover, horse shoe, hearts, etc.), and “Tropical Holiday” (flip flops, colorful flowers, animals). They are all adorable and fairly inexpensive, ranging from around $24 to $125.

I put together a really cute pink/silver bracelet for myself, consisting of pink stones and flowers and silver animals (love that Scottie!) and the total came to around $500, not super cheap, but if you start with just one charm and then wish for others, you should have a complete bracelet in a very short time.

The charm carriers is such a cute idea too – they’re basically just rings you can add to any bracelet, necklace or whatever you want, and then clip on your charms. So simple, and so smart.

New charms are being released all the time, and the entire collection is always expanding. Today, it also includes charm watches, necklaces, and a fragrance.

I love a good success story, and Thomas Sabo’s charms are precisely that – a cute and creative idea that turned into a worldwide empire. Brilliant!

For more, also see my New Thomas Sabo Charm Collection and the Even More Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo Charm News posts.

Photos: Thomas Sabo

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