Jewelry Boxes – Storing Your Charms Properly

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Regardless of how much you spent on your charms, you want to make sure to store them properly. Of course, if you have an extremely valuable heirloom or antique piece, you want to take extra care to protect it from sharp objects and chemicals.

Few people pay proper attention to jewelry storage, throwing necklaces, rings and bracelets together in a pretty box and then go rummaging through it when looking for a particular piece. That is among the worst possible thing you can do to your jewelry. Every time you dig around for something, you risk scratching and nicking everything in the box and substantially lowering the value of precious pieces. Our logo and the image here are pretty, but they are not ideal storage solutions.

Instead, look for a jewelry box with many small compartments so that you can store each piece separate from the others. This presents a challenge of course for storing charm bracelets, since the charms are all attached next to each other. The ideal way to do it is to wrap each charm in acid-free tissue, or put each of them in a separate silk pouch. Sounds like a lot of work, right? I have to confess that I do not bother with this if I just take my bracelet off overnight and plan to wear it again the next day. But if you are traveling, or storing it for more than a few days, definitely take the time to do it. And always clean your jewelry before putting it away, even if you just use a soft cloth to remove body oils.

Another, quicker solution is to use a larger ring storage box, lay the bracelet out flat and stick each charm in a ring slot.

These storage options work great for a traditional charm bracelet, but what about European-style ones, like the Lovelinks or Pandora bracelet? For overnight and home storage, I just put mine in a soft travel pouch made for pearls. Pandora actually makes jewellery boxes intended specifically for their pieces, so if you have lots of those types of charms, it’s a worthwhile investment. Also make sure to store Pandora jewelry away from rubber of any kind (rubber bands, rubber lining in boxes, etc.) since for some reason, the rubber makes the jewelry discolored.

When buying any jewelry box, make sure that is acid free, with lots of soft lined compartments and no sharp pieces sticking out anywhere. I usually avoid anything made from plastic just to be on the safe side, even though there are acid-free and PVC-free products out there.

Wooden jewelry boxes are plentiful and popular. They come in all shapes and sizes, many with drawers, removable compartments and doors. They are great for storage; just make sure they are made from non-acidic wood (and stay away from plywood and particle board). Also avoid boxes made from paper and cardboard unless you know for sure that they’re non-acidic (for example, those intended for professional photo storage always are, so those would work).

Leather jewelry boxes are also good choices and just as popular. They are often sold as “valets” for men, but there are plenty of styles for women as well. Again, look for those with non-acidic linings.

If you want to use something you probably already have around the house, jewelry gift boxes can work great for storing your pieces separate from each other. Use them as compartments in larger cases or boxes, for example in an artists’ taboret or flat storage cabinets. Always make sure the boxes are made from non-acidic materials before using them though.

Check out my Unique Jewelry Box Designs post for some interesting creations.

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