Lovelinks – Another Brand Of European Charm Bracelets

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Lovelinks is another brand of European charm bracelets, very similar in style both to the Chamilia and Pandora bracelet. Like Pandora, Lovelinks jewellery originated in Denmark and the official name is Lovelinks by Aagaard.

The business was started in the small village of Svendborg in 1946 by Jens Aagaard, and the collection consisted of only a few pieces – so few that they all fit in a cigar box!

But the Aagaard company grew in leaps and bounds, and today, they have 150 employees and their jewelry can be found in many countries. They have several different lines of jewelry in addition to Lovelinks: Lovedesign, where you get to design your own rings, Living2gether (rings), Connections (pendants that also works as locks and connectors), Mary (silver and gold jewelry), Eternity (delicate gold and silver pieces with a flowerlike-design element), Isabella (silver and gold again, this time with little hearts), to name a few. They are also always partnering up with different designers to create new lines and products.

The Lovelinks line includes two “sub-divisions”: Lovelinks Petit, which are pieces designed especially for younger women and girls, and Blog, a charm bracelet collection for men.

The regular Lovelinks line consists of several varieties of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The Lovelinks beads are made from sterling silver, 14k gold, vermeil, and Murano glass. Some have “dangles”, but most don’t.

Lovelinks Petit are of the same quality, but the beads are a little bit smaller and lighter, and the designs more “girly”. Note that because they are smaller, the petit charms will not fit on a standard Lovelinks bracelet.

The bracelets and necklaces in the Lovelinks Blog line are made from leather, rubber and oxidized silver, and the charms are, with a few exceptions, made from Sterling silver, and definitely more on the “manly” side – weapons, skulls, wood (I really like those), sports-related, etc.

Photos: Aagaard

How do they differ from Pandora and Chamilia beads?
Lovelinks bracelets do not have threads but two “pods” which serve the same function as the threaded parts on a Pandora bracelet. The Lovelinks charms stay in place when you position them around one of these pods, because they have a rubber lining that keeps them there – no locks needed. The lining does not cause a problem on other bracelets – the core is large enough that they fit just fine on the Pandora, Troll beads and Chamilia bracelet (as well as those from Biagi beads, Bacio, and Tedora). They also tend to be a bit less costly than Pandora and Chamilia.

Here is one that I put together, and the final tab was $475 – not bad at all! (To see it larger, click on it – it will open in a new window).

With all the European bead-style bracelets on the market, it is not easy to know where to begin or what works with what. Hopefully, this mini-series on the different brands will help you decide on which direction to go, and which bracelet to start out with.

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