New Chamilia Charms And Bracelets

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Chamilia’s lineup of holiday-related charms is fabulous. Ranging from cute to chic, I bet that several of them will become collectors’ items. And now is the time to shop – they have announced a planned price increase in January of 2011.

Among the holiday beads, the pinecone (silver and enamel), snowflake (silver), Christmas dream (gorgeous red and gold glass) and fleur de lis ornament (sterling silver and 14k gold) are my absolute favorites. You could even create an entire Chamilia charm bracelet out of these if you wanted – I did and I love it (it’s the one to the right here).

Other new favorite charms of mine are the “Swirling dreams” (silver), the super-girly and blingy pink Swarovski jeweled kaleidoscope, the “copper gold” glass bead, and the watch faces (especially the jeweled clear cubic zirconia).

There is also the new Miss Chamilia collection. As you can guess from the name, these are bracelets and necklaces geared toward the younger crowd. Just like with Lovelinks Petit and Biagi Kidz, the beads are smaller and lighter to fit better on young girls’ wrists. The bracelets and necklaces are in sterling silver with lobster clasps, and the beads (over 60 in the collection) are silver and enamel. The designs are adorable – cute animals, hearts, flowers, and other “girly” favorites.

Chamilia retires charms twice a year (spring and fall), so definitely surf around and look for those beads as well. The price is often reduced, and since they will no longer be available, their value will increase with time. Also check out the limited editions, which include both charms and bracelets. They are also released twice a year and are even more sought after collectors’ items. Many sites let you pre-order so you can make sure to get your hands on them before they sell out.

As I have mentioned before (in my Chamilia beads post), authentic Chamilia charms will fit on the Pandora bracelet, as we all as those from Lovelinks, Troll beads, Tedora, Bacio and Biagi beads. And you can put a Pandora charm, Lovelinks, Bacio and Biagi beads on Chamilia charm bracelets. Trollbeads will not fit on Chamilia, however.

NOTE: In the summer of 2011, Trollbeads released a new collection of glass beads – Universal Uniques – that will fit on Chamilia bracelets. For more, see my Trollbeads News post.

Photos: Chamilia and

For more news, also see my Chamilia bracelet and Chamilia bracelets posts.

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