November Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine jewelry curated by

Earlier this month, we wrote about topaz, and today we are going to talk about the other November birthstone: Citrine. Citrine Facts Citrine is a quartz stone, and one of the most popular yellow stones. It gets its color from traces of iron and comes in colors ranging from pale yellow to deep brown orange.

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Holiday Gift Guide Series – Cupcake Charms

Cupcake charm

Our favorite cupcake charms, pendants and bracelets. I don’t think the cupcake craze of the last decade has escaped anybody’s attention. Magnolia Bakery in New York City is usually credited with starting it in the mid 90s, and their creations really rose to fame after being featured in Sex and the City. They are still

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Puffy Hearts – The Classic Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

Puffy heart charms curated by

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite types of charms: puffy hearts. Puffy (or puffed) hearts are also known as répoussé hearts and first became popular in the late 1800s. They stayed in vogue until around 1910 when for some reason they lost their popularity, only to regain it in the

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Travel Protection Charms, Pendants and Bracelets

Travel protection charms curated by

With holiday travel fast approaching, I thought a post featuring travel protection charms would be a timely subject. Travel insurance is all well and good, but with air travel becoming more of a hassle every time, gas prices constantly fluctuating, and fall hurricanes and winter snowstorms, we travelers can use all the added protection we

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Guinea Pig Charms And Pendants

Guinea pig charms curated by

In honor of March being Adopt a Guinea Pig Month, I thought we’d do a post featuring Guinea Pig charms and pendants. I love guinea pigs, they are so adorable, friendly and personable. It’s so cute how they start “talking” to you with their little squeaky happy guinea pig sounds as soon as you walk

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Buying Vintage Jewelry Online

Buying vintage jewelry online by

Jewelry has been around since the early stages of civilization. In the beginning, it was used for magical protection, good luck, and warding off evils, but also for aesthetic purposes – we humans have been vain since the dawn of time! Considering how long jewelry has been around and the popularity it has enjoyed through

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Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry Making

Holiday Gift Guide Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is so much fun, and many projects are surprisingly easy! I remember the thrill I felt when I made my first bracelet; it was very basic, made with inexpensive materials, but it came out so pretty and took barely any time at all to make. We have put together a collection of our

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Amber – A Piece Of The Sun

Amber A piece of the sun

Today’s post is a guest post from Evgenia Fraschetti of Amber Regina. I’m very excited to introduce her to you, and so thankful that she took the time out of her very busy schedule (she just became a new Mom!) to share all these interesting amber facts with us. I grew up in the Baltic

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Rose Quartz Charms, Bracelets And Pendants

Rose quartz jewelry: the love gemstone

Pretty, powder pink rose quartz is THE gemstone when it comes to love, so I thought this would be a good time to feature it, with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Rose quartz is (obviously) part of the quartz family (which also includes, among others, amethyst, opal, and citrine) and comes in colors ranging from

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