The New Trollbeads Spring Collection 2012


As promised in the last Trollbeads news post, the spring collection was just around the corner, and I’m happy to announce that it has arrived! It’s a fun, playful and pretty collection, consisting of 15 sterling silver beads, 1 gold, 1 mixed metal, lots of glass (in pretty shades of brown/beige and white as well

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Heart Charms And Pendants for Valentine’s Day

Heart Charms for Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought a post about heart charms and pendants would be in order. The Heart – An Ancient Symbol The heart as a symbol was used as far back as 10,000 BC, although scientists are not exactly sure what it symbolized at that time. In more recent civilizations, it

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New Charm Jewelry From Dolce And Gabbana

Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana recently revealed their new fine jewelry collection, and it is stunning. We have seen charms from Dolce & Gabbana many times before, not least in this amazing wool clutch, but nothing quite like this. The new 80-piece collection is all handmade 18k gold – white, rose and yellow –embellished with

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Charm Bracelets Fetch Top Dollar

There was much excitement when it was announced that Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection was going to be sold at Christies, and expectations were high. The auction, held Tuesday, did not disappoint. The total sum for the 80-lot collection came to a record-setting $115,932,000, making it the most valuable privately owned collection of jewelry ever sold

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Holiday Gift Guide – Elephant Charms

Elephant charms and pendants | Collage by Charms Guide

Elephants have long been symbols of strength, power, intelligence, wisdom and excellent memory in many cultures across the globe, and in some, they are even deities: India has Ganesh and Airavata, Thailand has Erawan. There are also lots of other beliefs and folklore associated with elephants, and many consider them to be good luck. Some

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