New Anniversary Pandora Bracelets

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In honor of their 10th anniversary, Pandora has released a fabulous new anniversary bead (a beautiful intricate 14k gold round charm with 8 diamonds), and they have also created 27 complete bracelets – each celebrating a particular country.

Each bracelets’ charms symbolize and represent a few things that are special about that country:

The Australia bracelet incorporates a wide variety of materials that show off the country’s fashion sense (and  an adorable kangaroo bead)

The all-gold Austrian bracelet represents luxury and culture (charms include a musical note and a pearl dangle)

The silver/white/red vintage-inspired Belgian bracelet celebrates cultural diversity (I love the little crown charm!)

Brazil’s bracelet shows off the colors of their flag (and an adorable flip flop dangle charm)

The red/white (no surprise there!) Canadian bracelet incorporates a fish and acorn charm

The colors of China’s bracelet – red/gold/silver – symbolize (in China at least) good fortune, prosperity, joy and affluence. It has a decidedly oriental look and the most darling little 14k gold and diamond handbag charm

For Denmark, the home of Pandora, the bracelet has been designed with silver, pink and black charms. The adorable silver heart with a rhodolite stone was one of the first charms to be released, and there is also a wonderful crown charm (different from Belgium’s)

France gets a leather bracelet with silver and purple charms – the purple is for their royal history. Among the featured charms, the little picnic basket is my favorite!

Germany’s loaded gold/silver/green bracelet has several animal charms as well as Murano glass and intricate patterned beads. There is also a garden gnome (cute, not scary) and an alarm clock “because of the punctuality of Germans” 🙂

The Great Britain bracelet is one of my favorites – silver and pink with a few touches of gold, it has a light, spring-like and girly look. And the teapot and teacup charms are totally adorable.

Greece’s bracelet is another favorite, featuring silver, blue and aqua charms, which obviously symbolize the colors we all connect with Greece. Special charms include an evil eye, sun and owl.

Hong Kong gets a gold and purple bracelet (with a few touches of silver). In Asia, purple is considered a lucky color, and this one has that adorable little purse again, and a Buddha.

Ireland’s bracelet is as you would guess green, gold and silver and has (among other beads) a four-leaf clover charm. I would have liked to see a pint glass (Guinness perhaps) as well, but perhaps that’s a future charm?

The Israel bracelet is a blingy feast of gold, silver and turquoise, and my favorite charm here is the silver daisy with a topaz dangle.

Italy’s purple and gold bracelet have several religious symbol charms, but also a fun stiletto bead, and of course Murano glass.

Japan’s all gold bracelet symbolize love, harmony and “pretty things” with several heart charms.

The Netherlands gets a gold and orange bracelet (orange is the color of the Dutch royal family) with a tiny crown and of course, a tulip.

Poland features gold, white and blue and to be honest, it’s one of my least favorite.

Portugal’s bracelet is very pretty in silver, blue and pink (with a few gold beads as well), and among my favorite charms here is the little frog and mother hen.

Russia gets a bracelet with gold, black and silver charms and has a rich look and feel to it. Among the beads are a gorgeous gold crown and an adorable silver and white pearl bell.

The bracelet symbolizing Spain is silver, blue and green (with a little bit of white), and since it’s a vacation destination for many, it incorporates a little suitcase charm.

South Africa’s bracelet is a multi-strand leather with colorful beads in yellow, red, silver and black and features three adorable animal charms: a giraffe, a hippo and an elephant.

Sweden gets a two-strand leather bracelet with only three charms. Featured here is that stunning gold crown we saw “in Russia” earlier, as well as a snowman and a guitar.

Switzerland is an elegantly understated affair in silver and gold and naturally incorporates an Edelweiss charm.

Turkey’s bracelet is all gold with a tiny bit of blue and lots of intricately carved charms. My favorite here is the little cocktail glass charm.

UAE is gold, silver and purple and symbolizes both its ancient culture and its reputation as a shopping paradise today. The little handbag and stiletto are here again, as well as a beautiful silver bead with an amethyst dangle.

Last but not least is the US bracelet in silver and pink (love it!). According to Pandora, it represents three things American women are known for: Confidence, femininity and glamour. Special charms include a breast cancer awareness ribbon, wedding cake and a football.

All photos: Pandora

So there you have it – a quick synopsis of all 27 bracelets. Happy shopping! 🙂

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